Naturopathic Medicine

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Naturopathic Medicine is a primary health care system that combines traditional healing wisdom with modern scientific research to offer a holistic, safe, and gentle approach to health care. Naturopathic doctors (NDs) are thoroughly trained primary medical care providers committed to optimal patient care and individualized treatment. NDs are doctors that listen, and take extra time and care to help guide you towards optimal health and well-being.

Principles of care

  • First, Do No Harm
    Naturopathic Doctors are committed to gentle, safe, and comfortable health care. We strive to offer treatments with minimal side effects that guide the body on its healing path while avoiding suppression or discomfort.
  • Treat The Cause
    We work with you to identify the underlying cause of the disease rather than suppressing symptoms. By addressing the roots of illness, the benefits of treatment are long-lasting and sustainable.
  • Doctor As Teacher
    Naturopathic Doctors hold enormous value in educating and sharing knowledge with you so that you can understand your body’s processes and all of the diagnoses and treatments you are given. Through teaching you, we encourage you to take responsibility for your own health.
  • Treat The Whole Person
    Naturopathic Medicine takes a holistic approach to health, acknowledging physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, hereditary, and environmental contributors to health. We treat each person as an individual and offer unique customized approaches for each patient.
  • To Emphasize Prevention
    We treat a wide array of acute and chronic diseases and strive to provide long-lasting effects through Naturopathic treatment and education. We hold great value in health promotion and preventative medicine, offering tools to help encourage optimal lifelong wellness
  • The Healing Power Of Nature
    Naturopathic Doctors recognize the body’s innate ability to heal and strive to remove obstacles to cure and encourage healing gently, by cooperating with the body and minimizing harm.

Patient Visits

Dr. Sarah is currently offering patient visits virtually through telemedicine and in-person in Maui and California.

One of the major distinctions between Naturopathic Doctors and other Primary Care Physicians is the amount of time we spend with each patient. The Initial Naturopathic Visit consists of thorough health and medical history. We discuss your general health concerns and go through each body system to screen for past and present imbalances. We aim to address all the contributing factors to health- physical, psychological, hereditary, social, spiritual, and environmental. In this visit, we determine if there is a need for further diagnostic or assessment procedures including any lab work if necessary. We discuss your goals, options for treatments, and decide together what the focus of treatment will be. We will begin a basic treatment plan in the first visit.

The frequency and duration of follow-up visits depending on the individual. Half-hour follow-ups are mainly to monitor progress, add or modify treatment plans, and to check-in. Hour-long follow-ups are often recommended for acupuncture, breathwork, other in-person services, or if there are deep-rooted health concerns we are working through.

This visit includes a full screening physical exam if indicated. I provide full screening physicals, sports physicals, school physicals, women’s wellness/gynecological exams, PAP smears, and breast exams.

We offer a wide selection of services to provide you with optimal health care and to complete a thorough assessment, evaluation, and diagnosis:

  • Annual Physical Exams
  • Complaint Oriented Physical Exams
  • Physical Exams and Forms for Sports Teams, Job Requirements, School
  • Well Child Checks
  • Blood Pressure Checks
  • TCM Tongue and Pulse Diagnosis

Lab Testing and Imaging Studies

  • Female Hormone Panels
  • Male Hormone Panels
  • Stress Hormone Panels
  • Adrenal Hormone Analysis
  • Comprehensive Thyroid Function Analysis
  • Insomnia Panels
  • Mood Panels (serotonin, dopamine, GABA, etc)
  • Adreno-Immune Panels
  • Food Sensitivities
  • Respiratory and Environmental Sensitivities
  • Specialized Panels for Children’s Sensitivities
  • Celiac Disease/Gluten Sensitivity Panels
  • Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis
  • Parasite Testing
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease (serum and stool testing available)
  • H.pylori and Gastric Acid Testing
  • Liver Function Tests
  • SIBO Tests
  • “Leaky Gut”/Intestinal Permeability Testing

A mammogram uses a low dose of radiation to take an image of the breast. The breast tissue is compressed between two plates. This produces the highest quality image.

An ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves - no radiation involved. Using these soundwaves an image is created.

  • Complete Blood Counts and Metabolic Panels
  • Kidney and Liver Function Tests
  • Cardiovascular Risk Assessment Panels
  • Lipid (Cholesterol) Panels
  • Vitamin and Nutrient Status and Assessment
  • Serum Tests
  • Hair and Urine Mineral and Heavy Metal Analysis

**Please note that we choose only professional, reputable and reliable labs to best serve you and your family

For in person and virtual appointments: