Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Naturopath Maui HI Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Our Naturopathic Doctor does a whole lot of work with hormonal health. We assess hormonal balance for menopausal and andropausal concerns, menstrual concerns, PCOS, fertility, libido, thyroid health, adrenal health, and many other endocrine disturbances. We offer serum urine and salivary hormone testing that we send to professional, well reputable labs. We use a wide range of natural therapies and modalities to help balance adrenal, thyroid, and sex hormones in both men and women, and bioidentical hormone therapy if indicated.

What are Bioidentical hormones?

Bioidentical hormones have the same structure and action as hormones in the human body. They come from plant sources but are considered bioidentical because of their structure and action rather than origin. Synthetic hormones differ in that they are often derived from other sources (such as horse's urine) and they have side chains added to their chemical structure so that they can be patented. Synthetic hormones often contain portions and constituents that do not mimic the physiology of human hormones. For this reason, synthetic hormone therapy can have many unwanted side effects. Bioidentical hormone therapy is thought to be more gentle and more natural because the hormone structures and actions are much closer to our body's natural hormone structure and function and without many unwanted synthetic preservatives and additives. All Bioidentical hormones are ordered from professional specialty compounding pharmacies and made with natural and organic ingredients wherever possible.

Goals of BHRT:

  • to restore hormone balance in the body
  • to alleviate symptoms caused by the natural decrease in the body's production of hormones
  • to offer gentle therapeutic relief and protection for the body

Bioidentical Hormone Benefits

When our hormones are in balance, they have several profound effects on our bodies. This is why it is important to do thorough hormonal testing to determine the ratios of the sex hormones and adrenal hormones before attempting to balance them. We use natural modalities whenever possible to help balance hormones in both women and men and BHRT if indicated.

Estrogen Balance can:

  • help relieve vaginal dryness and thinning
  • help balance cholesterol
  • help decrease blood pressure
  • improve mood, energy, memory, and cognition
  • help with sleep
  • may help decrease bone loss
  • help relieve urinary symptoms
  • upregulate androgen receptors

Progesterone Balance can:

  • counteracts estrogen dominance
  • decrease proliferation in the uterus
  • stabilizes mood
  • increases bone mineral density
  • promotes osteoblasts
  • decreases risk of endometrial cancers
  • often used infertility treatment
  • prescribed with estrogen can have a cardioprotective affect
  • help reduce hot flashes
  • help reduce postmenopausal depression
  • increase libido
  • help balance blood sugar

DHEA Balance can:

  • increase libido
  • increase energy and may help with exercise endurance
  • increase bone density
  • decrease cholesterol
  • increase energy and cognitive function
  • may enhance weight loss
  • improve skin tone and texture
  • help to balance blood sugar
  • increase immune function
  • may help build lean muscle mass

Testosterone Balance can:

  • increase libido
  • increase energy
  • help with skin
  • help balance estrogen dominance and androgen deficiencies

Cortisol Balance can:

  • help with weight loss
  • improve sleep
  • help manage stress
  • balance blood sugar
  • help in wound healing
  • increase immune function
  • help with hair growth
  • help with optimal thyroid function

Thyroid Hormone Balance can:

  • increase metabolic rate and weight loss
  • improve mood
  • help with blood sugar balance
  • increase energy
  • improve bowel function
  • increase basal body temperature
  • help balance adrenal and sex hormones

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