Naturopath Maui HI Sarah Rothman Breathwork Teacher Training

Breathwork Healer Training Level 1

Location: Lumeria Maui
Date: March 9th & 10th
Time: 10:00am - 6:00pm

I am SO deeply honored and excited to teach Breathwork Healer Trainings for David Elliott's Level 1.

This work has changed my life in ways beyond words.

I have witnessed it change the lives of the people I have worked with in the most potent ways. I believe Breathwork is one of the most empowering, most miraculous and most efficient tools in healing and I am humbled to share David Elliott's lineage of Breathwork with y'all.

This is truly a dream.

If you are in the wellness world- a yoga teacher, sound healer, personal trainer, therapist, or bodyworker this will be a great tool to add to your offerings. If you are in love with Breathwork and want to go deeper into self exploration and healing, this is a deep immersive container for that. This work continues to crack my heart open daily and surprise me in all the best ways. I am honored to share it with you.

Come learn to teach and then please share it with the world! This is the first of 5 levels to certify you to be a Breathwork Facilitator. In Level 1 training you will go deeper into the Breathwork technique, explore ways to connect with your intuition, your medicine and gifts to the world. We will dive into the layers of self love and how self healing ripples into the healing of the planet. After this training, you will be welcome to lead 1:1 Breathwork sessions for clients.

If you live on island you can join for the days, if you are coming from afar make a trip out of it and stay awhile!

REGISTER HERE or Venmo: Sarah-Rothman-808

NEXT BREATHWORK TEACHER TRAINING FALL 2024 | Email to get on the waitlist


Wednesday, May 1st | 5:30pm PST/8:30pm EST/2:30pm HST
REGISTER HERE or Venmo: Sarah-Rothman-808

Recording will be available for those who can't make it live


Fridays at Lumeria Maui

REGISTER HERE or through Instagram: @drsarahannerothman

Naturopath Maui HI Sarah Rothman Breathwork, Cacao & Sound Journey
Naturopath Maui HI Breathwork & Botanicals

Uplift Maui

Location: Hotel Wailea
Date: April 8th, 2024
More Info & Register: CLICK HERE

Naturopath Maui HI Special Breathwork Event

Breathwork & Brunch On The Farm

Location: Moku Roots Farm In Kula
Date: TBD
Time: Breakwork 9:00am - 10:00am followed by a vegan farm-to-table brunch


Naturopath Maui HI Sarah Rothman An Invitation To Breathe

Join us for this intimate Retreat in Beautiful British Columbia June 27-30 2024.

Naturopath Maui HI Orca

Unlocking Spiritual Depths: The Orca's Guidance in Breathwork

In the serene realms of our subconscious, the Orca emerges as a symbol, a guide beckoning us towards deeper connections with ourselves and the universe. In the ethereal landscapes of dreams, the Orca swims with purpose, delivering messages from realms beyond our comprehension. As we embark on the journey of self-discovery through the breathwork, the Orca's spiritual essence offers profound insights and transformative guidance.

Retreat includes 2 Private Boat Charters to see the Orcas in the bays off Vancouver island.

CLICK HERE for more information & registration.


JUST BREATHE - Couples Retreat Maui
May 5th - 10th, 2024
Co-Hosted by Beth Wylie, MA, LMFT & Dr. Sarah Rothman, ND

Naturopath Maui HI Couples Retreat Flyer

Join us for a transformative retreat on the beautiful island of Maui. This special event is designed for couples to deepen their connection, re-iginite passion, and intimacy, heal past wounds, and learn tools to enhance relationships and love. Through guided breathwork sessions, couples therapy sessions, and other fun and alchemical practices, join us to connect deeper in your relationship and in community with an intimate group of other couples.

CLICK HERE for more information & registration.

Breathwork is a deeply healing and sacred ancient practice. It is one of the most powerful modalities I have ever witnessed and beautiful because it is all about self-exploration and self-healing. It is an active and energizing form of breathwork that goes deep beyond words.

It brings out the medicine within you.

It can help spread light, move stagnation and old stuck energies, emotions and patterns. It can help release trauma, grief, and pain that we may carry from our childhood, for our parents, from our ancestors. It can help deepen self-love as well as love and compassion for everything that surrounds us. It can bring out the wildest joy and the most tender of tears. It is a beautiful practice to expand and explore creativity, connectedness, and purpose. I am in love with this work, as it has helped me and all those I have worked with expand on so many levels. One Breathwork Healing session can feel like 20 years of meditation, therapy, or yoga. It cracks the heart open quickly and is accessible to everyone.

I completed my certification in Healing Breathwork through David Elliott and have been weaving this sacred modality into my clinical practice. I am devoted to continuing to explore this incredible healing practice, as I have witnessed over and over again how deeply it can help people heal themselves. I am honored to offer this work in Maui and to the Bay Area Community. I am currently offering one on one and group breathwork sessions virtually. I hold group breathwork circles at various locations on the island and in the Bay Area as well as biweekly live breathwork groups for those near and far.

I am passionate about bringing health, wellness and mindfulness into the workplace. I have led numerous in person and online Breathwork and Meditation sessions for several companies and institutions including Robinhood, Maze Therapeutics, The Bay School San Francisco and others.

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