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Liver Love Medicine Group

Our Thyroid Love Group has been such a joy and so powerful, So we are gonna keep it going!
March Group Medicine Circle: Liver Love
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Breathwork is a deeply healing and sacred ancient practice. It is one of the most powerful modalities I have ever witnessed and beautiful because it is all about self-exploration and self-healing. It is an active and energizing form of breathwork that goes deep beyond words.

It brings out the medicine within you.

It can help spread light, move stagnation and old stuck energies, emotions and patterns. It can help release trauma, grief, and pain that we may carry from our childhood, for our parents, from our ancestors. It can help deepen self-love as well as love and compassion for everything that surrounds us. It can bring out the wildest joy and the most tender of tears. It is a beautiful practice to expand and explore creativity, connectedness, and purpose. I am in love with this work, as it has helped me and all those I have worked with expand on so many levels. One Breathwork Healing session can feel like 20 years of meditation, therapy, or yoga. It cracks the heart open quickly and is accessible to everyone.

I completed my certification in Healing Breathwork through David Elliott and have been weaving this sacred modality into my clinical practice. I am devoted to continuing to explore this incredible healing practice, as I have witnessed over and over again how deeply it can help people heal themselves. I am honored to offer this work in Maui and to the Bay Area Community. I am currently offering one on one and group breathwork sessions virtually. I hold group breathwork circles at various locations on the island and in the Bay Area as well as biweekly live breathwork groups for those near and far.

I am passionate about bringing health, wellness and mindfulness into the workplace. I have led numerous in person and online Breathwork and Meditation sessions for several companies and institutions including Robinhood, Maze Therapeutics, The Bay School San Francisco and others.

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I am in love with facilitating these groups because our physiology is energy and our energy is physiology.

Also, group medicine magnifies healing, amplifies wellness and is way more fun than most doctors offices 🙂

The liver is related to the Wood Element (and the energy of Spring) so as we approach Equinox we will gather weekly to offer our livers some love and attention. The liver meridian is all about keeping the qi flowin

Promoting the smooth and energized flow of life force in these bodies.

Also, Spring!!

Blooming, clearing, expanding, releasing. Play. Cleansing to make space for growth. Unbecoming. Becoming. Evolution.

The liver is truly amazing. She processes, filters, creates, metabolizes, transforms, excretes and activates.

  • She regulates blood sugar and blood clotting. She holds our anger. and our dreams.
  • She gets irritated and aggravated.
  • She journeys through time and space.
  • She stores vitamins and minerals. She digests. Regulates hormones and cholesterol. Commands the blood and qi. Nourishes the tendons. Clears the eyes.
  • Releases what is toxic. Recycles what is gold.
  • She has over 500 functions in these vessels
  • She is discernment. She is alchemy.

We will braid together herb allies, nutrient and supplement support for liver detox and other practices to work with the liver and all her relations. We will weave in a lil breathwork and some acu points to sweep the channels, move stagnation and inspire creativity.

Spring is the ideal time for a Liver Cleanse, and by the end of the month of focusing on liver energy and in alignment with Equinox you will have many tools to support you.

Where attention goes, qi flows

Sessions are online 7pm-8:30pm PST
March 8,15, 29 and April 5th

Recordings will be available for those who can't make it live.

Exchange is $222
Reg in bio or Venmo Sarah-Rothman-808

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